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Hi, I'm Norma!

My journey to better health began in my 30's. I started bodybuilding and was amazed at how my body reacted to healthier eating. I put on muscle and leaned down. I had energy, slept well and felt awesome mentally and emotionally.

Eventually I realized that other women struggled to get the same results! I became determined to find out why.

In 2015 I enrolled in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and learned about Bio-Individuality. The idea that food affects everyone differently made so much sense to me.

Now I work with people to help them explore THEIR health. There is no #1 way - what worked for me may not work for you. Together we will take a journey uncover your body's needs.

We don't follow diets - instead we will focus on listening to and honoring the body you have been given. I share and encourage my clients to look at life and their bodies in a new way.

Let's find out where I can help you most....

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