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Empowering, Supportive, Personalized to your needs

Norma McCormick
Creating a Life in Balance and Purpose

One on One Coaching

Learn more about designing your own personalized Lifestyle Blueprint with a series of private coaching sessions customized to your needs.

Group Coaching

Join with other like-minded people seeking improved health and well-being while we explore proven ways to optimize health and nutrition. Contact me for more information.

Workshops and Lectures

I love sharing my knowledge of integrative nutrition, health and wellness! If you would like to schedule an interactive workshop or talk for a group, please contact me.

Online programs

Receive proven strategies for improving health and wellness on a daily basis. I’ll send small, actionable steps to help you move toward a healthier you!

7-Day Wellness Jumpstart – Are you ready to jumpstart your health and “reset” your body? This program uses small steps to create a big impact on your eating habits and attitude toward food.

30-Day Wellness Transformation Program – This program helps you dig deeper to develop healthier habits and provide you with a holistic perspective on wellness. We’ll work on experiencing wellness from the inside out.


September 17, 2021

When life seems like a Mess. Learn who reduce stress, get better sleep, balance energy and create movement and momentum.

The 3 hour workshop is only $47