Norma McCormick

Food Fun with Trudy

Teaching children important lessons about healthy eating,

where food comes from, how to prepare it, and more…



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Learning Environment

I have a passion to teach kids to appreciate wholesome foods. Children can have fun while learning about nutrition—whether it’s about the food groups or how food is grown.

You can create opportunities for learning about healthy food in many ways besides cooking and eating: you can use games, crafts, songs and dance. For instance, check out our Activity Book!

With a little patience, creativity and guidance, getting children to appreciate wholesome foods can be a delicious adventure.

Norma McCormick
Harmony ‘n Abundance


Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (INHC)Graduate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) Advanced Business Course
Certified Essential Oil Coach, The Essential Oil Institute

Learn By Doing

“Go, Slow, or Whoa”

Try thinking about foods in terms of “Go, Slow, or Whoa!” The healthiest foods are “go” foods; they can be eaten anytime. Foods that are ok to eat sometimes are “slow” foods. Some unhealthy choices should make you stop, think and say, “Whoa! Should I eat that?”

Not just a rule, but a routine. Make sure healthy foods are the default setting for your family’s meals, and get everyone involved in choosing some nutritious, tasty options. Take kids with you to the grocery store or farmers market. Younger kids can pick out fresh fruits and veggies. Older kids can take on larger roles like choosing recipes and making a shopping list.


Who is


Norma McCormick is an Entrepreneur and a certified Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Her passion for health and well being has brought her to doTERRA Essential Oils for true natural healing. She currently resides in sunny Arizona. Her children’s book brings the importance of fresh living foods for our bodies, minds and spirit in Gertie’s living Gardens.