Essential Oils

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about Essential Oils

About Essential Oils

Essential oils are Earth’s gifts to us.  They are naturally occurring compounds found in nature.  Essential oils are found in flowers, stems, roots, seeds, leaves and bark of plants.  These ancient compounds have been used throughout history to promote both physical and emotional health and well-being.  In fact, the chemical compounds found naturally in essential oils have been replicated by pharmaceutical companies in various medications, but in a less naturally beneficial form.

With guidance from a knowledgeable coach, essential oils can be used for a variety of health benefits and support. It’s extremely important to work with the highest quality essential oils and understand the proper application of each type of oil.  Some deliver benefits by being diffused aromatically, others by applying topically, while others may be used as a dietary supplement.


Getting Started with Essential Oils

Because of the many types and uses of essential oils, as well as the countless blends that can be customized to provide targeted benefits, getting started can seem overwhelming.  My training and certification with the Essential Oil Institute has given me the knowledge and resources to advise my clients on using essential oils for maximum benefit.  Each person’s health and wellness needs are different, and I provide highly personalized coaching and teaching on the use of essential oils.

Whether you are looking to boost immunity, reduce stress or have particular health issues you’d like to address, I’m excited that you are interested in the powerful and life-changing experience with essential oils. Please contact me to schedule a free consultation today!  I am offering a free gift with your consultation to get you started on the path to enhanced health and wellness.