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More and more people are wanting to step into a healthier lifestyle, but feel stuck when it comes to getting into action.

At Harmony 'n Abundance we help you to step into a healthy lifestyle that works for you, no matter what is going on in your day-to-day life.

We know how hard it can be to change habits in the midst of a full life. You don't have to figure it out on your own.

How You Can Work with Us

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Group Health Coaching

Private Health Coaching

Let's work together to create a customized health plan just for you.

Factors we consider when working with you:

➜ What areas of your health do you feel need the most help?

➜ What do you feel most excited or interested in working on?

➜ Are there things you just aren't ready to address yet?? It's ok to hold off on these and work on something that feels easier for now.

➜ How can we implement change in a way that won't be overwhelming or stressful?

We want you to experience the joy and empowerment that comes from creating a healthy lifestyle over time that really works for you.

What is keeping you stuck??

  • You've heard so much conflicting information, you are not even sure what "eating healthy" means anymore.

  • You occasionally try new diets or "eating healthy" but nothing seems to stick.

  • You feel busy and stressed a lot of the time, taking on a big health plan doesn't feel realistic.

  • You want to change things up but you aren't sure what will actually move the needle on your health.

  • You are tired of trying to figure it out on your own.

  • You have fallen back into bad habits so many times before, you feel like getting healthier is not going to happen.

  • You feel like you need someone to walk with you side by side in the process.

Ready to jump in?? Here's the Plan:

Step 1. Identify what areas of your health you want to work on.

Step 2. Book a Discovery Call with Norma

Step 3. Join an Upcoming Workshop or Coaching Session

Get Started Today!!

Hi, I'm Norma!

Working out and eating well is a lifestyle that has come naturally to me over the years. And in finding my own path to health, I was inspired to help others.

As a Certified Health Coach, I am passionate about helping people lean into their body and love it for what it provides and gives back to them.

Together we will explore the Circle of Life and what molds your thoughts, emotions, feelings & cravings, along with other things that could be holding you back from reaching your health goals.

Are you ready to live a Healthy Lifestyle with joy, peace, health and abundance?  I look forward to working with you.

We've been there...

At Harmony'n Abundance, we know how hard it can be to stay on track with health goals. Busy schedules, health issues, not to mention the infinite number of diets and weight loss recommendations - all of which can lead us to feeling stuck and overwhelmed.

Sometimes we just need some simple direction and support to help us move forward.

That's what we offer here at Harmony'n Abundance: support and guidance to help folks just like you develop your own personal health plan so you can feel better, improve clarity of mind & energy levels, & feel great about taking care of yourself.

Here’s how it works: let's identify where you need the most help right away, work together to develop a simple plan, and then implement it (with support) at home. It's that simple.

Jump in with us, get unstuck with your health and get back to feeling your best.

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